Stillness and vibrant activity co-exist to activate the spatial sensibilities in my paintings. Shifts between foreground and background draw the eye to rest within the painting's composition or to restlessly navigate its architecture. Between observation and abstraction, my imagery follows pathways to moments of focused attention and protected spaces. With saturated colours and strongly delineated forms, my aim is to transmit a sense of resilience, wonder, and the desire for understanding in visual language.

Painting is a space for the unspoken to have a voice and a form, where the dismantling of linear history and time occurs. Circular time, the displacement of dominant power structures, the voices of the unheard and the unknown meet in imagined places; these considerations infuse and inform my work’s visual instabilities and sensations of motion within which I hope to produce powerfully evocative spaces.

Cross references between painting and weaving are explored in my handwoven ryijy tapestries and loom weavings. Using bold colours, tonal shifts, and organic and geometric patterns, I employ a range of colour palettes using wool, linen, silk, hemp, and cotton yarns to build the composition. My goal is to add to the legacy of these art forms through the creation of contemporary designs.